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Avoiding Whirrs, Rattles and HumsAvoiding Whirrs, Rattles and Hums

In this Creative COW Magazine article Michael Hanish gives some great free tips, tricks and techniques on how to do professional audio and avoid all the headaches that can go along with it. Michael covers video shoots, music, performances and more real world environments where you can apply this helpful training.

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Michael Hanish
Event Videographers
Capturing Live Music for Video

Capturing Live Music for Video

People write long and detailed books on this subject for good reason: it is complex, infinitely variable, and much more an art or alchemy than a science. But even artists and alchemists have a starting point which varies depending on the intended outcome. So with that in mind, here are a few questions you can use to help you find your own starting point for capturing live music for video.

Michael Hanish
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